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APM Professional Telescopes

APM Professional Telescopes

1m F/8 Ritchey Chrétien with dual Nasmyth Foci, Cape Town (South Africa)

Another large telescope for the South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO). An 1m F/8 Alt-Az mounted Ritchey Chrétien for robotic use. It has dual Nasmyth Foci. The main telescopes used for research are located at the SAAO observing station (32°22.795’S 20°48,657’E) near Sutherland in the Northern Cape, a 4-hour drive from Cape Town.

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Observatory Telescopes

Big prime focus telescopes for private or public observatories including installation and full service.

Robotic / Remote

Robotic instruments for automatic imaging or telescopes for remote observation.

ASA Telescopes

ASA600 with DDM200

ASA600 OTA is the perfect fit for the ASA direct drive mounts with absolute encoders. As all ASA telescopes the ASA600 is equipped with quartz glass optics from ASA.


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Kepler KL6060 BI CMOS Camera: 6K x 6K with 10 micron pixels

Also Available with 90mm Shutter

Absolute Quantum Efficiency

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The very large imaging area of the KL6060 FI scientific CMOS camera provides high sensitivity with low noise, even at multiple frames per second. The camera offers 4x the area of comparably priced 2K x 2K back illuminated CCD cameras.

Link to KL6060FI Specification Sheet in pdf format.

Link to KL6060 Brochure in pdf format.

The Kepler Series is a giant step forward in throughput, providing faster digitization, higher speed interfaces, and up to 35 channel readout. Sensors currently supported include front and back illuminated sCMOS. Future developments will include interline transfer CCDs and EMCCDs.

  1. USB3.0 (3 Gbps)
  2. Optional QSFP high speed fiber interface
  3. Optional Electromechanical Shutter for Remote Acquisition of Calibration Frames
  4. Choice of Windows - View Transmissivity Curves (left)
  5. Air Cooling or Liquid Cooling (LC connectors sold separately)
  6. Deep Cooling (up to 45C below ambient)
  7. Optional Anti-Dew Technology (ADT)
  8. LDR and HDR modes
  9. Small Footprint (as small as 10.2 x 10.2 x 10.7 cm)
  10. Reaches operating temperatures in 10 minutes
  11. Overview KL camera series

The KL6060 BI scientific CMOS camera has the same sensitivity and imaging area as the back-illuminated CCD230-84 CCD, but with a fraction of the noise even at multiple frames per second. Kepler cooled sCMOS cameras provide ultra-high sensitivity, ultra-low noise, and high frame rates, all at game-changing price to performance ratio.

Sensor Type Back Illuminated CMOS
Sensor GPixel GSense6060 BI
Shutter Type Rolling
Active Pixels 6144 x 6144
Pixel Size (microns) 10 x 10 µm
Imaging Area (Diagonal) 61.4 X 61.4 mm (86.8 mm)
Full Well Capacity 102000 electrons
Typical Readout Noise 3.0 e-
Dynamic Range 90.3 dB
Frame Rate 11 fps (QSFP)
Cooling Method Air and Liquid (see Note 1)
Max. Cooling (Air) 45°C below ambient
Temperature Stability 0.1°C
Dark Current (typical) 0.1 eps at -20C
Interface USB 3.0 (Optional QSFP; see Note 2)
Data Bit Depth 16 bit (see Note 3)
Optical shutter 90mm
Optional Mounts Medium Format Recommended (6x7)
Subarray Readout Standard
External Trigger In/Out Standard
SDK / Software Kepler SDK / FLI Pilot
Weight 8.1 lbs (3.6 kg)

Note 1: Liquid circulation connectors sold separately.
Note 2: QSFP = Quad Small Form factor Pluggable: high speed fiber optic interface
Note 3: 16 bit data merged from two 12 bit conversions


More Products

 Front Illuminated Cameras

 kl400KL4040 250 with shatterKL6060 250

KL400 FI   2K x 2K, 11µ

KL4040FI  4K x 4K, 9µ

KL6060 FI  6K x 6K, 10µ

Back Illuminated Cameras

kl400KL4040 250 with shatterKL6060 250

KL400 BI  2K x 2K, 11µ

KL4040 BI  4K x 4K 9µ

DC23084  4K x 4K 15µ


Melotte15 1

Melotte 15 courtesy Tolga Gumusayak
FLI Kepler KL4040 camera
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kl6060 top

The New Low-Noise Cooled sCMOS Camera from Finger Lakes Instrumentation (FLI) Provides High Speed Imaging with an Exceptional Field of View

Available with a front-illuminated sensor or high-QE back-illuminated sensor, the Kepler KL6060 camera is capable of taking up to 19 frames per second, using the optional QSFP fiber interface. This affordable camera is a game-changing solution for Space Debris Detection and Space Situational Awareness applications and is ideal for universities or dedicated amateurs who want to capture every possible photon.

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  • Remote telescope in use

    Our project near Munich. 600mm RC tube on a DDM100 mount. As observation platform a dome from Astroshell with 3m diameter. The complete system is designed as a remote telescope.
  • SBIG CCD/CMOS Cameras

    SBIG CCD/CMOS Cameras

    Our most popular camera, the SBIG Aluma AC4040 is a large format Scientific CMOS camera, featuring a 16.8 megapixel sensor with 9 micron pixels. The camera is compatible with the StarChaser SC-4 Guider and optional AO-X Adaptive Optics accessories. The Aluma AC4040 is available in Front Illuminated (FSI) and ultra-sensitive Back-Illuminated (BSI) versions. BSI versions are offered with VIS-NIR and UV-VIS optical coating options.
  • Shelyak Spectrometer

    The UVEX is the most versatile instrument in the range. Achromatic by design, it can explore far into the ultraviolet and infrared – at the very limits of what today’s cameras can achieve. The interchangeable gratings (in option) allow different resolutions. Combined with its motorization module, it can be operated remotely. The motorization integrates the control of the calibration module (equivalent to the SPOX module). So it’s easy to do your dark, flats and calibration images remotely. The motorized UVEX is the ultimate version of the UVEX, allowing remote operation. You can remotely control the central wavelength (grating angle) and adjust the spectroscope’s focus.
  • Astroshell Domes

    The Clamshell dome is the preferred observatory dome for LASER COMMUNICATION and BIG-APERTURE telescopes. It is not necessary to synchronize the telescope with the dome. Both "shutters" can be moved and positioned independently to allow wind shading of the optical group. All of our domes are equipped with rugged belt drive systems powered by high performance DC or AC motors and feature industrial grade gears. If you need fast dome opening, we offer a special fast opening shutter drive system. Built up individually or in combined with the SRQ-200 DIMM station, our clamshell dome is the way to go for successful astronomy! CLAMSHELL DOMES provide an unparalleled 360/180 degree field of view for an absolutely breathtaking nighttime experience. When this observatory dome opens, you are truly among the stars!
  • ASA Direct Drive Technology

    New design based on 15 years of experience with Direct Drive mounts. Ready for the most demanding applications in pointing and tracking accuracy, like laser comunication, satellite tracking and general astronomical research.

    APM Professional Telescopes

    1m F/8 Ritchey Chrétien with dual Nasmyth Foci, Cape Town (South Africa)

    Another large telescope for the South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO). An 1m F/8 Alt-Az mounted Ritchey Chrétien for robotic use. It has dual Nasmyth Foci. The main telescopes used for research are located at the SAAO observing station (32°22.795’S 20°48,657’E) near Sutherland in the Northern Cape, a 4-hour drive from Cape Town.

    Our Team

    • Markus Ludes CEO

      Markus Ludes CEO

      Markus Ludes CEO has been managing APM Telescopes for more than 30 years.
    • Dr. (Ing.) Diethard Jakobs, Manager and Controller

      Dr. (Ing.) Diethard Jakobs, Manager and Controller

      Dr. (Ing.) Diethard Jakobs Managing Director and Controller at APM Telescopes. He is responsible for planning and execution of major projects.
    • Angelika Jakobs

      Angelika Katharina Jakobs International Relations
    • Daniela Lambert

      Daniela Lambert Assistant to the management
    • Michael Conrad

      Michael Conrad Distribution
    • Andreas  Pietsch

      Andreas Pietsch

      Product Manager Andreas Pietsch great passion is astronomy. At APM Telescopes, he mainly takes care of astrophotography. He has a lot of experience in this field. He also knows a lot about building and operating large telescopes.

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